Patio Flowerpot Stand Ii

  • Patio Flowerpot Stand Ii
    Patio Flowerpot Stand Ii
    Accent Stands
    Achla Designs
    Our stable Patio Flower Pot Stands are a simple and traditional way to show off your containers. Three different sizes support a variety of planters with gracefully arching legs and curled feet. Smallest measures 10"ĚDia. x 7 ¬Ĺ"ĚH, middle size is 11 ¬ĺ"ĚDia. x 11 /4"ĚH and tallest is 11 ¬ĺ"ĚDia. x 17 /4"ĚH. All three are finished in Black powdercoat. Achla Designs offers a wide selection of beautifully handcrafted plant stands to suit every container gardening need, from decorative ways to arrange multiple plants, to large supports for pots or half barrels. Plant stands lift planters up to more light and air circulation, give them better drainage, and create multi-level interest while adding a beautiful decorative element. Great on the porch, deck, or patio, and elegant enough for your indoor plants.
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